For Dell OEM 3-Position AC Power Plug Wall Adapter for 30W and 45W Power Adapters - 8DHY9


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Genuine Dell OEM 3-Position AC Power Plug Unit. This is a wall adapter that attaches to the Dell 30-watt and 45-watt Slim Power Adapters- enabling it to fit into crowded sockets and power strips. With three AC prong positions, you choose the orientation that’s best.

This the AC Plug Portion ONLY.

DP/N: 8DHY9, 08DHY9

Compatible Dell Laptops:
-Venue 11 Pro (5130), 11 Pro (7139), 11 Pro (7130), 11 Pro (7140)
-Latitude ST Tablet, 10 (ST2) Tablet, 10e (ST2e) Tablet
-XPS 10 Tablet, XPS 12 (9Q33), XPS 11 (9P33), XPS 13 (9333), XPS 13 (9343)

7A 125V~
Dell P/N: 8DHY9, 08DHY9
Model: US115P2PA

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