750W Power Supply for Dell Precision 490 690 N750P-00 PSU - MK463 0MK463 CN-0MK463


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Item Dell Precision 490 690 750W Power Supply MK463 0MK463 CN-0MK463 N750P-00 PSU
Part Number MK463 0MK463 CN-0MK463
Alternative Parts U9692, JK933
Model Number N750P-00
Compatible Model No. HP-W7508F3 ,NPS-750AB, H750P-00
Max Power 750W
Application For Precision Workstation 490, 690 and PowerEdge SC1430 Tower Systems
Connectors P1 - 24-Pin Standard ATX Power Connector, P2 - 20-Pin Standard ATX Power Connector, P3 - 12-Pin ATX Power Connector, P4 - 6-Pin Dell Proprietery Connector, P5 - 6-Pin PCI-E Power Connector
Condition Original, Tested, Working

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